The Super Challenge is a tae kwon do competition (Kids only; Adult divisons available for Black Belts only) between schools based on the sparring competition results (NASKA rules) of their students in the tournament. Students who place in the top 4 places will earn points for their school which are tabulated at the end of the tournament to determine the Champion school. The Champion school will win the Super Challenge Champions Cup. Competitors have the choice to register for both sparring and forms or sparring only. Note there is not an option to compete in forms only. This is an intraumural event for the Jhoon Rhee studios. Forms divisions are specific to our curriculum and may not match the forms taught at other martial arts schools. Please read the division list before registering for forms. The following is how you can earn points for your school: (Not all divisions in the tournament qualify for the Super Challenge points tabulation.Please see divsion list for more details.)

Competition Results (White to Purple Belts):
1st Place - 3 points 2nd Place - 2 points 3rd Place - 1 points (2 third places)
(Blue to Black Belts):
1st Place - 5 points 2nd Place - 3 points 3rd Place - 1 points (2 third places)


Why compete in the Super Challenge? 1. Our event is SUPER organized. Since all registration is processed online, we know a week in advance the exact number of competitors in each division and the schools they represent. We can address large divisions and divisions that only have 1 competitor. In the latter case, we will notify pre-registered competitors before the tournament and offer a full refund, how many tournaments do that? The achilles heel of most martial arts tournaments is not running on time due to disorganization - we do everything we can to run on time. Lastly, every beginner student (Ninjas, White and Yellow Belts) will receive a participation medal for displaying their courage for competing.


Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School Gymnasium
7130 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22046

WHEN? Saturday, June 1, 2019

8:15 am Meeting for judges and time/score keepers 1:00 pm Yellow Belts Ninja/Dragons (8 & up), White & Yellow Belts all ages
9:00 am Black Belts 2:30 pm Orange,Green and Purple Belts
11:00 am Ninjas/Dragons (7 and under) 4:00 pm Blue, Red, and Brown Belts

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Please note that these are general start times. Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Please plan on spending at least 3 hours at the tournament.

Taekwondo tournament kids fight Martial Arts tournament kids battle Taekwondo winner awarding Tae Kwon Do tournament Winner